Monday, March 27, 2006

I Fucking Hate Taiwan & the city Taipei

I came to Taiwan from Australia to have a change of life 3 years ago and do something different for a while.
What I didn't count on was downgrading my life to such a shite standard.
Let me list as many reason why this place is such a fucking nightmare.



Pollution is heavy.

The Humid weather all year round.

Mosquitoes all year

Ugly building everywhere...

No pavements/side walks

Millions & millions of mopeds

There isn't a normal garbage disposal service so you have to take your bags of shit and wait in the street each night for a truck to come along. And the truck makes a stupid noise like an ice cream van.

There is no such thing as health and safety in any working environment.

Moped riders will use what pavements there are to ride on. The do not obey any rules of the road.

You have to be careful crossing roads when you see the green man as cars, busses, trucks and modes will still turn left or right meaning pedestrians have fuck all right of way anytime.

The busses or subway seem to let as many people cram into it as possible. No safety issues at all.

You pay when you get off a bus making life awkward when its wet and you have an umbrella.

Finding decent food is almost impossible especially if you like meat. Meat here consists of fat & bone. Always low grade 'meat' is used.

Chili comes with all Taiwanese food.

Walking from A to B is hard work cos what pavement space there is, is normally badly set out and marble is used as pavers..nice and slippy in the constant wet weather.

If you like Italian food or a nice stone oven baked pizza..forget it. There are about 3 shops in the whole city that it and charge a lot for it.

Milk is double price to Australia.

In fact, most western foods are hard to find like cheese.

People love Karaoke & thats just wrong.

Finding a bar is hard work. Bars do not open in the day time..oh no..that would be too crazy.

Local TV is fucking dreadful. No budget. Tabloid style rules.

Shit food is sold everywhere on the streets adding to the congestion.

You can choose to seat and eat at these shitty vendors places but they love to use children's seating or stools. Beware if you are an adult.

Food can be served in an awkward manor like noodles in a plastic bag.

Chop Sticks are stupid & it has to be said...a knife and fork is a better design all round.

The Asian style soup spoon is pathetic. Small handle..flat base? Awkward is king here.

Looking for a drink in a 7 eleven can drive you insane. Looking for familiar juice drinks wont help.

Apartments dont have kitchens very often. You will never find an oven in any kitchen.

You can't buy a potato masher. Potato is a rare foreign food. Rice and noodles rule..and tofu.

it's not normal to socialize and have a beer with people. Drinking is not popular here.

The local music is fucking dreadful. Chinese style music is just crap no matter what drugs you are on or not.

Anything cute, Japanese style is regarded as good. Sappy or soppy things are popular.

Romance is king. Only romantic music is popular. No metal, reggae, funk, etc. You wont here any other genres.

People generally look the same as far as fashion goes. The is no diversity. No punks, goths, skins, rastas etc. Just conservative looking drones.

The average wage is piss poor.

Workers are ripped of big time and people are so timid and in fear its funny. People always work overtime without pay. Spineless.

1 in 2 smoke. Maybe. Smokes are so cheap...and the lack of any health and safety campaigns on TV doesn't help sway people away.

I guess life is cheap here.

You can not flush toilet paper down the toilet. Put your arse wipes with shit in a bin...then take it to the truck later that night. Smells great!.

You cant use any-old plastic bag to dump your trash either. You have to buy special government bags.

You will never be given a plastic bag for free in any shop. Some just dont have them..adding to the whole awkward vibe.

There are hardly any street bins. If there were more..everyone would use them to dump their trash instead of waiting for the shit truck each night. The bins they have...only have tiny holes to put small items in.

People walk slow. The walk into you as if blind. They dither. I think most are retarded in some way. Taiwanese love to walk slowly.

Coffee here sucks. Like that shit American style 'coffee'.

Noodle shops are disgusting and dirty. The hygiene level is very low. There is no hygiene. You will have the runs every week some way or another.

Taiwanese have no style. No passion. No class. This shows in the city and any town you go to here. Shacks still exist everywhere. Buildings are so ugly it hurts to look at them. Even 101 sky scraper is fucking ugly..and many people say so.

Some things are just backwards. Instead of saying 30% say only pay 70%.
Same for writing an address on an envelope. Here, they start with country first..then work down to the door number.

When you go into any programed robots..the sales people will always say the same welcome message. So why bother?

You can't buy deodorant.

In McDonnell's..they only sell fish and chicken. Minimal beef burgers are available..just a big mac i think.

Toilet paper does not come on rolls..but in a tissue box..that awkward vibe strikes again.

Road design and layout is criminally bad. It would be funny if I had not nearly been run over 40 odd times because of it.

Taipei CKS airport is something to he-hold. Like Russian or Communist style..its old, hell ugly (keeping the Taipei theme). It just makes you feel depressed.

You can not get direct flights to most places here. If you want to goto China..shah..then you can only fly to Hong Kong first.

Coming into immigration is a long wait. They like to go slow with us foreigners.

There are few foreigners in Taiwan & dont be told otherwise. You will never see many other races or religious groups here.
There seems to be only Asians. Its a 1 dimensional kind of bloodline.

I still have kids telling their mummy..'"look, a white man!!". It is not 2006 here.

Actually..Taiwan has its own year! 95 i think..nice..always good to be different and confuse everyone else.

Cops like to drive about with their lights on all the time.

Taipei is noisy all day and night and there is always people close to you 24/7.

The religion is great cos it adds to the pollution levels. Burning fake money is the thing to do. Mmm Smokey.

Letting off noisy fire crackers is always fun...especially early morning. Thanks religious person.

Dont wear leather. Eventually your leather clothing with rot with mould. Always humid and damp you see.

People like to drink hot water. Eat hot food on hot days. No one sweats.

There is nowhere to park a car let alone a moped.

You can run a business in a residential building. there's no law against it. Same as renting a place out with no kitchen. Maybe you can also rent a place out with no power, no gas..etc. Bound not to be a rule against it.